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The Artful Table

The Artful Table offers beautiful ideas, way beyond the conventional, for arranging table settings. The last decade has seen a culinary revolution of ingredients and flavors, and these changes can be reflected in boldly unique table designs. Imagine
30.00 Euro (€)
Theatregoer's Cookbook

20.00 Euro (€)
The Futurist Cookbook La Cucina Futurista

Edited with an introduction by Lesley Chamberlain. Translated by Suzanne Brill. EA5
95.00 Euro (€)
Renaissance Recipes

20.00 Euro (€)
Kochkunst In Bildern (Band 3) / Culinary Art in Pictures / Art Culinaire en Illustrations: Inter

Contains 500 full color pictures with short descriptions and the names of the producers.
99.00 Euro (€)
Kochkunst in Bildern 2 / Culinary Art in Pictures 2 / Art Culinaire en Illustrations 2.

The book on platters of the International Culinary Art Exhibition
99.00 Euro (€)
Kochkunst in Bildern 6: International Exhibition for Culinary Art 2000

Das goldene Plattenbuch der Internationalen Kochkunst-Ausstellung 2000 in Frankfurt / Main Herausgegeben vom Verband der Köche Deutschlands

The book on platters of the International Culinary Art Exhibition 2000;280 coloured pictures of the crea

99.00 Euro (€)

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