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Alastair Little's Italian Kitchen : Recipes from La Cacciata

40.00 Euro (€)
The Heritage of Italian Cooking

The author has compiled recipes from historic menus, ancient diaries, and early classic cookbooks. This old-world cookery, gathered from every region of Italy, is complemented by over 260 color photos and 150 art reproductions. An incredible book!
40.00 Euro (€)
SWEET THINGS: I DOLCI (Anna Del Conte's Italian Kitchen)

20.00 Euro (€)
Rogers Gray Italian Country Cook Book: The River Cafe

40.00 Euro (€)

Originally a peasant dish, polenta is now showing up on the best restaurant menus in the country -- and plenty of home cooks are following the lead. Easy to prepare and marvelously versatile, polenta can be enjoyed plain and simple or embellished wit
20.00 Euro (€)

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